The Native BioData Consortium (NBDC) is a nonprofit organization of leading researchers and Indigenous members of tribal communities that are focused on increasing the understanding of Native American genomic issues. The founders of the NBDC are Native American and/or have close relationships to current Native American research. The primary purpose of the NBDC is to build a biobank repository of Native American genetic data and samples in order to further genetic research that will benefit the Native American participants while protecting the rights of the individuals and respecting their tribal sovereignty.

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Ethical Curricula, Genomic and Epidemiological curricula, Cell Culturing, MagPix analysis (luminous antibody technology), Single SNP analysis, sterile DNA, RNA and biological processing, Tribal Research Policy expertise, Indigenous Research Consultation, Histopathology and Legacy/Repatriated sample disposition expertise

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Native BioData Consortium was recently awarded a spot as a featured video at the 2019 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Expo in Philadelphia, PA. Check it out over there ==>

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What have we been up to?

We have been busy getting ready to make an impact in the research sector in Indian Country.

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